Léelo en castellano.

Born in 1992, I’m a freelance journalist from Barcelona, Spain, based in Toronto, Canada.

I did my undergrad in Journalism in Blanquerna, URL back in Barcelona. During my university time, I was an intern for Cadena COPE [8 months], RAC 1 [4 months] and L’Esportiu [4 months] before working for Cadena SER [4 months].

Once I finished, I moved to Australia for a year to improve my English. When I was done, I went back home for a year, working for Digital Bakers, a marketing agency. In 2017 I moved again, this time to Colombia, to work for the communication department of the Colombian Army. Yes, it was pretty cool.

For non-related reasons with journalism, I moved by the third time in three years. This to Canada, now; first to Ottawa, then finally to Toronto, where I’m studying a post-graduate in Sports Journalism at Centennial College.

I’ve been covering and writing about basketball for almost a decade, FIBA and NBA. First for Zona 2-3, Planeta Deporte and now Solobasket and The Wing. I also podcast with Outsiders NBA. And I love stories around the sport, mostly the untold ones.

I’ve covered a World Championship (2014), Euroleague Final Four (2014) and the NBA season from Toronto (2019). I have interviewed Marc Gasol, JC Navarro,

I have social media skills, journalism 1.0 and 2.0, I can speak three and a half languages (Spanish, Catalan and English, non-professional French), knowledge in radio, podcasting and edition, I can use Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Audacity.

Everything else should be on my CV. Check it out here.
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